Shrewsbury Board game Café Visit & UK Games Expo

Hi Meeples of Keeleshire,

There’s some exciting board game based ‘fieldtrips’ on the horizon.



Shrewsbury Board game Café Visit 

(for potential dates see doodlepoll)

Who fancies a visit to the board game cafe in Shrewsbury ? There will be board games (walls and walls of them!), Hot drinks, snacks and CAAAAAAAKKKKKEEEE!!!.

I’ve email them to try and blag a group booking price, but if that isn’t successful it’s £4 for the day to play as many games as you like (starting at 11am) + drinks and snackage. Once I get a reply I’ll update you all.

If you would like to come along just let us know the dates you are free and we will try to set a date that works for everyone. Partners, friend and minions are welcome to come along if they want to play games too, or there’s plenty to keep them occupied in Shrewsbury if that’s not their thing (shops, cafes, cinema, trampolining, climbing… Axe throwing?).

If you’re interested, let us know when you’re free at


UK Games Expo 2020 

(Friday 29 – Sunday 31 May 2020)

The UK Games Expo is happening in May, I’ve never been before it looks like an interesting event. If you fancy coming along enter the days you want to go on the doodle poll below. We can then organize lift shares etc. from there.

You will need to book your own tickets but you may want to wait until the doodle poll has been updated if you want to meet up with other keele meeples (or maybe you want to avoid us… depends if we’ve been playing traitor based games recently).

If you’re interested, let us know when you’re free at


Any questions let me know.



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